60 days heartbreaking journey from a stray pregnant mom, giving birth to 7 puppies! (Video)

We got a report called for help a poor dog wandering in church parking lot for at least a month. Homeless and scared, the tiny chi is pregnant and close to giving birth,

Hot, scared and hungry… she can not survived there and she’s safe now! No more scary night with many danger, cold, hungry… you will be warm, in full care and love..

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We named her is Bonnie. This tiny girl is getting close to her miracle of having her tiny babies, if you look close at the video you can see her babies moving in her tummy. it was nothing short of a miracle, just in time to have her babies safety.

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Day 3: Bonnie should go into labor in the next hour or so. Stay tuned! Day 4: These are gonna be darling pups! We so proud of her, Mama Bonie. Come on little Momma! Let’s go Bonnie! Both mother and puppies are doing well. Two little puppies say hello the world.