“Couple Dumps 15 Puppies at Shelter Gate, Leaving Them Cгyiпg in Feαг and Hυngeг”

The Couple Threw 15 Puppies Like Garbage in Front of The Shelter Gate, They Crying in Fear & Hunger.

This video was recorded from our Shelter’s camera… A man carrying a carton…left in front of the shelter. Rushing to the car… Maybe they will leave..

Thank you very much for helping animals, babies happiness and health and love, God grant that all animals are healthy and happy and loved and find their loving family, do not offend our little brothers, help them, God sees everything. Scroll down full video

They should find out who they are and file charges on animal cruelty and neglect. Thank-You for helping these innocent Furbabies.  Watch the video below: