Because of his beard, he was abandoned twice before finding a new owner and becoming a famous dog.

 Due to its odd appearance, a dog that was twice put up for adoption is now rather cherished. On the 19th (local time), the Vietnamese news site YAN released a puppy that has since received a lot of online attention. The protagonist of the tale is “Bacon.”

Bacon and Evio cohabit in the present. The brown fur of Bacon looks like crispy bacon. Evio found Bacon while searching online for a pet to adopt.

He was drawn to Bacon right away. His thick, masculine-appearing beard was to blame for that. Bacon’s owner had twice abandoned him because of his odd appearance, which comprised thick white hair on his chin and just below his muzzle.

It had been abandoned for a very long time, and no one wanted to take it out, so Bacon was forced to spend all his time starring at the backs of his adopted pals.

Evio was attracted to Bacon in a way he had never been before, unlike the others. He adopted Bacon as his own and pledged to care for him in the future.

Additionally, he gave his beard additional attention each day since he thought it contributed to the attraction of bacon. They traded memories by snapping pictures with Bacon and posting them online.

On the other side, after some time, online users began to enthusiastically react to Bacon’s entry. The funny nature and mustache of Bacon were to blame.

Bacon encounters Evio after being abandoned and losing hope, winning the hearts of more than 650,000 people. I hope Bacon leads a happy, long life and that he continues to be loved by his audience.