Because of his poor vision, an elderly dog wandering about looking for food fell into the sewer Watch Video..

An Old Dog Wandering Around Looking For Food Fell Into The Sewer Because Of Weak Eyes…

An old dog unfortunately fell into a well because of weak eyes. Any old dog is the same. Luckily that well was abandoned so it had no water, only trash. Given the depth of the well, the dog’s cry could not be heard clearly by passersby. But in the end, someone called the rescue team to help get her out.

The woman called us, explained the situation, and said she had called all the services she could. The dog was miraculously discovered in the well by a friend of hers who happened to see it there. The dog just lay still. In general, just a miracle! The dog gets excited when she hears someone nearby, but her eyes are too weak to determine the direction.