Blind Cat desires to See His Mother for the first time ever (video)

One video shows a kitten discovered as part of a litter of stray cats. The mother is visible but protective of her family (like any decent mother is). We notice one kitten that is different from the others as we move closer to seeing the mama cat and her cubs.

They video the kitten stumbling around, hunting for its mother’s milk but trying to latch on owing to blindness. Nobody wants to see such a painful scenario. Fortunately, the man who observed it chose to assist.

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The man begins to create a bond by putting some food down for mum.

As he feeds the cats and kittens, they get more at ease with him. At one point, they can even see the blind kitten up close.

When they zoom in on its eyes, you can see how scabbed and horrifying they are. It attempts to rub them off but can’t since they’re glued to the floor.

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