He cried a lot after being thrown on the street and having an unexpected ending.

He Cried A Lot After Being Thrown on The Street & An Unexpected Ending. Meet Vasilek! A sad story of Vasilek has been uploaded to the local facebook page. When I read it, I was deeply moved.

Vasilek broke his femur after. Vasilek was in terrible pain but the owner refused to bring Vasilek to Vet for treatment. The owner abandoned him in a barn, even though Vasilek was in pain and lay motionless. He couldn’t get up.

A local resident discovered his condition, he took a video and posted this video. When I arrived, the Owner threw Vasilek on the street near his house. Vasilek was lying on the side of the road and was constantly begging for help. In the dark, no one saw him. he was waiting and trying to be found.

When he saw us, he was overjoyed. Vasilek repeatedly kissed my hand in gratitude. As such, he was saved and brought to Vet. Hopefully, he will be saved. Watch the video below: