Heartwarming! Mom Dog Protects 4 Pups Buried in Mud. She Doubts Human Kindness… Watch Now

A busy street turned into a scene of hope and love when Christian Joshuapale heard a faint whining sound coming from a nearby ditch. Upon investigation, he found a mother dog and her four puppies buried under mud and debris. The puppies were less than a week old, weak, and struggling to breathe, and their mother dog was fiercely protective of them.

The rescuers had to be careful not to agitate her further as they worked to extract the dogs from the ditch. They worked tirelessly to revive the puppies, performing CPR and giving them oxygen. After nearly 10 minutes, the rescue force caught the mother dog and temporarily put her in the car, while the rest of the rescuers dug in the mud to save the puppies. Watch the video below: