“Hi, my name is Marlin. A cat, raised by dogs…and I think I’m a dog”…Watch him run with the pack straight into the ocean the first time he goes to the beach!

Marlin is a phenomenon in the Outer Banks! He is a cat, reared by his parents, Caroline Jarvis and Mack Hopkins…

soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins, and his four dog siblings, Buxton, Hattie, Shady, and Buoy!

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All he knows is what the dogs have grown up doing: playing in the ocean at the beach, hopping on the boat to go fishing, and participating in all the thrills that our lives provide! It’s quite crazy!

He truly believes he is a dog. Mack and I lived in two separate towns, Buxton and Wanchese, and we were always on the go!

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Before we had Marlin, we believed it would be difficult for a cat to acclimatise to two different homes as well as being dropped off.

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