“Magical Unicorn Puppy: Unique Pup with Head-Tail Rescued from Freezing Cold, Thriving Now” Watch more

An incredibly unique puppy, described as a ‘magical unicorn’ thanks to the tail growing from its head, is said to be ‘doing great’ after being rescued from the freezing cold.  This story of a dog named Narwhal has an extremely unique feature. Check this out:

Meet Narwhal. This cute little pup was born with a tail growing out of his forehead. He was found wandering around in the cold with another dog. That’s when an animal rescue, ‘Mac’s mission’ quickly noticed this wasn’t an ordinary dog.

The extra tail reminded the employees of the rescue center of a unicorn and that’s where they came up with the name of ‘Narwhal the little magical furry unicorn’. If you’re unaware of what Narwhal means, it is the real-life unicorns of the word. No, the tail does not wag.

A vet did thoroughly inspect the tail and said it will have no affect on his health and has no real use. The tail doesn’t interfere with the puppy and puppy continues playing just like any other adorable pup.

Obviously, everyone fell in love with him instantly. The animal rescue is currently requesting donations for the adorable puppy.

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