Mama Finds Missing Cat Snoozing in Tissue Container “We just spent an hour looking for her”

Chanel, a petite feline only three weeks young, with her cute face and sparkly eyes, was sitting on the center table of the living room, but suddenly she disappeared.


Britany, the foster mother of the cat, was completely taken aback by the sudden, Houdini-esque disappearance of the feline.


She took to Twitter to express her shock, stating that she only stepped away briefly to warm up the cat’s bottle and when she returned, the cat had vanished without a trace.

The following hour was spent in a state of panic, scouring every possible hiding spot in the house, turning over cushions and flipping over couches. Britany shed tears of worry and sent panicked texts in hopes of finding the missing cat.


Despite searching for her everywhere, Chanel, the pet dog, was still missing. This is a common experience among pet owners whose beloved pets tend to escape.

However, Britany’s grandfather stumbled upon an incredible discovery when he reached for a tissue from a box on the table. To his surprise, he found Chanel snuggled up inside the Kleenex box, sound asleep and blissfully unaware.

Earlier this week, Britany shared a heart-stopping moment on Twitter that ended up going viral with over 660,000 retweets. The incident involved her cat, Chanel, getting stuck inside a tissue box.

Some skeptics accused the incident of being staged, but Britany proved them wrong with a follow-up video showing Chanel climbing back into the box on her own less than an hour later. The lesson to be learned here is that cats will always find a way to fit into small spaces.