“Neglected and Starved by Heartless People, Poor Dog Tied to Bus Stop to Suffer” Watch Video..

Someone had betrayed her. They took a gentle soul, starved her, and tied her to a bus stop.

He didn’t know what to do. He was late for work, but he now also had a life to save. He called us and Donna went over to get her. A kind man was running late for work and missed his bus. But he saw her laying in the sun and went “OH!!!” He picked her up and carried her all the way home.

She was nothing more than a skeleton. She wasn’t sick, she was just so hungry. She had been deprived of food for so long that she had no muscle and couldn’t even stand on her own. Feeding her would be dangerous. She was going to have to bed super small amounts several times a day so she could safely and slowly gain weight. Our entire staff was wrapped around her finger as we took her for stroller rides. Watch the video below: