Precious pup rescued from trash! Trembling, starving and drained of energy

It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal in distress, but one particular little dog found is tugging at people’s heartstrings all over the world after she was discovered dying in a trash pile.

Lou Sisk rescued Missy from the trash pile when she was half-starved and on the verge of death. She couldn’t possibly go any further!

According to Dublin Shelter, Lou rushed Missy to the vet, and the news was not good.

She would have died if she had been left alone any longer. She had a slew of problems, including scabies and a raging infection.

Missy’s uterus was also infected, and it was so severe that she needed surgery to have it removed.

Missy still needed months of recovery after surgery, but she was in good hands.

She gradually began to gain weight. She grew stronger and stronger, and it wasn’t long before she was ready for a forever home.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long before finding a wonderful family to call her own.