Save Little, Dehydrated, Helpless Puppies Left Out During Heatwave

 Love Furry Friends received a video about dying young puppies from one of its followers who claimed that someone dumped them in the park. The puppies hid in the bushes to escape the heat; a bystander had previously given them pies.

The puppies, who are only 3–4 weeks old, were taken from their mother and abandoned. They have no chance of surviving on their own at this age. They are not even aware that they are in danger.

Three kids were trying to help the puppies when volunteers from Love Furry Friends went to the location. Although one of the passersby had already adopted one puppy, the kids informed the volunteer that there were nine puppies.

The puppies had been without water for a long time and it was extremely hot outside. Water was given to them, and they were then loaded into the car one by one. All of them were in good health and were trouble-free, but they did have fleas, so they were bathed in flea shampoo.

The next day, their rescuer took them for a checkup at the veterinary clinic. There are 4 girls and 4 boys. They received a physical exam, shots, and a manicure. They also produced pet passports for them.

Everyone has a great appetite, and the puppies are so adorable and happy. The puppies survived and have undergone significant change as a result of the excellent work of the Love Furry Friends volunteers. They have access to healthy food, pure water, toys, a comfortable bed, and—most importantly—a chance to meet families, be adopted, and experience love.