Senior Pit Bull’s Hope for a Forever Home! ️ Waiting near junkyard, he holds onto hope

Duncan, a 12-year-old boy, slid beneath a dumpster and lay down, exhausted and defeated, after wandering into a junkyard one day. One of the employees observed him down there and quickly got him some food and water.

The employee could see Duncan was blind and in bad shape, and while her supervisor wanted to notify animal control, she realised he wouldn’t stay long in a public shelter. Instead, she quickly contacted a rescue organisation. Duncan’s rescuers were informed by the vet that, in addition to being blind, he was suffering from exhaustion, a skin illness, ulcers, and two separate tumours.

Doctors recommended that Duncan be put down to alleviate his suffering, but his rescuers determined that this was not how Duncan’s life should end. They wanted him to know what it’s like to be loved after so many years of neglect. Below is the whole footage of Duncan’s rescue: