The mother was concerned because her children were starved and shivering in the frigid snow.

The Mother Was Worried Because Her Cubs Were Shivering and Starving in The Cold Snow. We received this photo with the website, When we got there we found them shaking.

A stream of people passes by but no one cares With my vision. He quickly begged for food complete, Look at these two very fat puppies. I asked people around them about them. They told me she had 4 dogs I looked at her and couldn’t find the other puppies.

All I have to do is get them home safely. We named her after Mother Grace’s dog. We have arranged for her to stay somewhere warm. She’s not as fierce as I thought, She even wags her tail when I touch here
She also has new friends.

The puppies are showing signs of fever, Because they were in the cold for a long time, I separate them temporarily for easy care. We hope that nothing disturbing will happen Early the next morning, we went to the vet Fortunately the pills I gave them work They were very curious about this place. Watch the video below: