Two lion cubs were attempted to be killed by their new mother, but an adorable German Shepherd dog saved them.

 After their mother abandoned the two adorable lion cubs, Sandra, a kind German shepherd dog, took them in. The cats were born by first-time mother Sirona, but staff workers at the White Lion Park in Vladivostok were concerned that the lioness wasn’t content with her two pups and wasn’t properly raising them.

While in the care of the animal, who was described by employees as being rather shy and distant, it was obvious that the two cubs were hungry and dehydrated. The employees consented to handing Sandra the kids in order to prevent this situation from turning dangerous.

Viktor Agafonov, the director of the wildlife park, said that Sirona’s behavior was unusual and that it seemed like she was lashing out at them.

Viktor explained to the Daily Mail: “The mother lion is acting in an odd way. She is pursuing them closely. One of the dogs seems to have a little wound. This is genuinely remarkable.

Fortunately, Sandra immediately accepted the two little children into her family and embraced them without hesitation. Despite her customary aversion to cats, Sandra was overjoyed to take on the role of foster mother and grow her family.

The adorable little dog continued to look after the other two puppies despite having given birth to one youngster.

It’s amazing that this dog despises cats yet chose to adopt the young African lions into her family anyhow, Victor said. In compared to lion cubs, she has a smaller cub. However, because she has already breastfed eight puppies, the dog has adequate milk.

The park’s director commended the 8-year-old foster mother for handling this important role and caring for the children. Watch Video Here: