Watch as this man attempts to pull a 40kg dog out of a ditch, only for the journey back to home

It all started when we heard about Taigan on June 5.

He almost died with serious injuries to his lower body.

Maybe the dog was hit by a car and fell from the bridge into the mud, or he was shot. He was very weak, dehydrated and struggling.

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He had watery eyes, multiple wounds and his nails had become long. The kind man spent time comforting him and trying to regain his trust. He

then pulled Taigan, a dog weighing nearly 40kg, out of the ditch and took him to the veterinary clinic.

The results of the x-rays showed that the lesion lasted approximately 15-20 days. If he is taken to the vet within the first 48 hours, there may be something a vet can do to help him.

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