Woman Becomes the Third Wheel in Her Cat and Husband’s Relationship

She found Roswell under a friend’s shed, She was moving in a week so she made sure to ask her boyfriend now husband if she was allowed to bring the tiniest little creature to live with us.

He was like sure why not, Roswell just kind of gravitated towards Drew she think that his beard has something to do with it.

He will be one way with Drew and he will be a totally different way with her.

They drove up to the Poconos for a few days and we came back Roswell gives me this chirp and then he kind of gives the permission of like please pick me up by my armpits.

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They’re just loving on each other and then Roswell just swiftly turns around and looks at me just like oh you’re back too.

I’m like the side chick in the relationship I’m the third wheel, I’ll be sitting alone on the other end of the couch watching them cuddle.

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